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Excellence in Hygine in 4 Steps

Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel offers effective and comprehensive hygiene solutions that are essential for businesses. The hygiene solutions are tailored specifically for each business. Aiming to provide the perfect hygiene in 4 steps, the Excellence in Hygiene program helps the businesses raise their hygiene standards.


EP Akademi offers a hygiene inspection pack for the businesses, thanks to its expert staff of inspectors and consultants.

  • Defines the current condition of the business with a first visit.
  • Observes the critical points and determines the areas of improvement.
  • Shares an action list and a time plan.
  • Creates a work plan with the authorized personnel at the business and reports to the relevant executives.


With its experienced and expert staff, EP Akademi provides both face-to-face and digital training solutions for businesses.

  • Determines the hygiene needs with its visits to the businesses.
  • Contributes to the cleaning personnel’s knowledge regarding hygiene and chemical products use with face-to-face training sessions.
  • Provides online access to its content with the Remote Training Program and saves the time and energy that the businesses allocate for training while assuming an active role in setting the hygiene standards of the businesses in the fight against epidemics thanks to its client-specific webinar programs.


EP Akademi strives to perfect the standards in the businesses through regular visits and training sessions.

  • Intends the continuous and sustainable development of the hygiene conditions.
  • Aims to make sure that the different locations of a business have the same hygiene standards.
  • Helps the businesses keep the use of chemical products under control by raising the hygiene awareness of the personnel and therefore helps increase the operational efficiency and optimize the costs.


EP Akademi ensures the sustainability of the hygiene standards with planned visits to the senior management of the businesses.

  • Helps the businesses increase their hygiene standards and maintain their sustainability with spontaneous visits.
  • Checks whether or not the non-compliances that have been identified during previous visits still continue. Offers solutions for the ongoing non-compliances and prevents the recurrence of these by monitoring the actions taken.
  • Thus, it makes sure that businesses achieve perfection in hygiene step by step.

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